Wu Zhu Yu (Evodiae Fructus)


Wu Zhu Yu (Evodiae Fructus)

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CO2 extracted Evodiae Fructus - 5ml

The aroma of our CO2 extracted Evodia Fruit essential oil is strong, herbaceous, earthy and sweet with a hint of citrus. Clearly reminiscent of fresh cannabis, where one of its main chemical components, ocimene, is also abundantly found and largely responsible for its typical aroma.

Wu Zhu Yu strongly warms the middle and lower burners. It settles rebellious Stomach Qi downward for acid regurgitation and vomiting especially when due to Liver overacting on the Stomach. When there is heat, combine with Lian Qiao (Forcythia) or, for cold conditions, with Gan Jiang (Dry Ginger).

Leads fire downward. For hypertension, Jue Yin channel headaches or oral ulcers, Practitioners may dilute Wu Zhu Yu essential oil with vinegar and apply to the center of the soles of the feet.

Warms and resolves cold stagnation of Liver QI and effects of cold in the Liver channel.

For cold bulging disorders or abdominal masses combine Wu Zhu Yu and Xiao Hui Xiang (Fennugreek) essential oils diluted in Castor or Calophyllum oil and applied as a warm compress over the affected area.

In Gynecology, Wu Zhu Yu essential oil may be diluted and applied as a compress or directly on acupuncture points to treat lower burner cold causing menstrual irregularity and pain along with Dang Gui (Angelica sinensis), Xiang Fu (Cyperus) and a small percentage of Gui Zhi/Gui Ye (Cinnamon Twig and Leaf). For infertility due to cold of the Chong and Ren Mai (Conception and Penetrating Vessels) combine Wu Zhu Yu with Ai Ye (Artemesia Argy).

Wu Zhu Yu essential oil has antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.  It also calms the nerves and eases pain.

According to various animal studies, Wu Zhu Yu is associated with marked effectiveness in preventing and treating stomach ulcers by reducing gastric acid secretions. (Chen and Chen Chinese Medical Herbology and Pharmacology p.453)

Note: Middle

TCM Category: Warming the Interior and Expelling Cold

Channels Entered: Liver Spleen Stomach

Major Known Chemical Constituents: Monoterpenes, Sesquiterpenes, evodene, *ocimene, myrcene, trans-caryophyllene, elemene, thujene, limonene, evodin. 

*Ocimene, a cannabis terpene is responsible for several of the medicinal effects of both plants including being known as a decongestant.

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