Gui Zhi/Gui Ye
(Cinnamomi Ramulus et Folium)

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Gui Zhi/Gui Ye
(Cinnamomi Ramulus et Folium)

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Steam distilled Cinnamomi Ramulus et Folium - 5ml
Cassia, Cinnamon twig and leaf

The sweet, spicy aroma of this Cinnamon essential oil combining twig and leaf is pleasantly stimulating and warming. It opens the Heart and brightens the spirit. One is moved to take a deep breath, expand the chest and savor it’s essence.

Cinnamon excels at releasing wind chill catch cold by warming and opening the pores to sweat it out.

The combination of twig and leaf enhance Gui Zhi’s traditional effect of balancing Ying and Wei (nutritive and protective Qi). It penetrates, reaching the nutritive level while releasing and regulating the exterior by way of the skin and muscle layers, whether there is deficiency or excess. When Ying and Wei are not balanced there may be frequent illnesses, too much or too little perspiration, or skin conditions.

Gui Zhi / Gui Ye essential oil warms and frees the yang of the Heart and Lungs to relieve chest pain, cough, phlegm, or irregular pulse. It warms and vitalizes the channels, vessels and collaterals helping to ease pain in the muscles and joints as well as pain from blood stasis due to trauma or during the menstrual cycle.

This essential oil, applied to related points, helps to open Du Mai (Governor vessel) and Yang Qiao Mai (Motility vessel), freeing the back and spine. It also enters the Urinary Bladder channel where its warmth and vitality help to resolve water swelling and urinary dysfunction.

Cinnamon warms Chong and Ren Mai (Conception Vessel and Sea of Blood) helping to regulate or restore menstruation and disperse blood stagnation to relieve pain.

For cold and deficiency causing menstrual irregularity or pain, a blend of Gui Zhi/Gui Ye essential oil with Dang Gui (Angelica), Chuan Xiong (Ligusticum), Xiang Fu (Cyperis) and Ai Ye (Artmesia) diluted in Safflower oil or Sesame oil may prove helpful.

To disperse lower abdominal masses, where cold is the underlying factor, practitioners may consider combining Gui Zhi/Gui Ye essential oil with those of E Zhu (Curcuma zedoaria), and Qing Pi (Tangerine peel) using Safflower oil as a carrier for dilution.

Cinnamon can be irritating to the skin. Although practitioners may find it quite helpful in pain relieving liniments, it should always be well diluted and tested for sensitivity. Consider blending with Chuan Xiong for this purpose.

Note: Middle

TCM Category: Warming and Releasing the exterior.

Channel entered: Heart, Lung, Urinary Bladder

Major chemical components: eugenol, cinnamic aldehyde, benzyl benzoate, camphene

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