Hu Po
(Amber, Succinum)


Hu Po
(Amber, Succinum)

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CO2 Extracted Hu Po - Succinum, Amber, Fossil resin (mineralogical),
“Tiger soul”

Our pure Hu Po essential oil has a sweet, resinous, pine-like aroma and crystal clear light amber color. Its fragrance induces a heady, lighthearted feeling. This Amber resin oil is extracted by CO2 which means it has not been subjected to heat, preserving it’s essential, therapeutic properties.

There is an ancient Chinese saying about Hu Po, “When the tiger dies, its soul enters the earth and transforms into stone,” referring to droplets of amber, explaining the meaning of it’s Chinese name, Hu Po which translates as Tiger Soul.

Succinum is the Latin term for a substance derived from sap (succus is
Latin for sap.) Amber originates from the resin of ancient and long-
extinct trees, including conifers. Not all amber is derived from pine
resin, as other trees also release similar resins, but pines are a primary

Hu Po’s attributes calm the spirit, move the blood, disinhibit the flow of water, transform stagnation and unblock the orifices. It’s nature is sweet and neutral. Traditionally, It is said to arrest tremors and palpitations and settle the spirit. it is often chosen, in Chinese medicine, for Shen disturbances causing symptoms such as restlessness, insomnia, forgetfulness, seizures or infantile convulsions.

To quiet the spirit for insomnia, restlessness and palpitations, etc. practitioners may consider combining the essential oils of Hu Po, Bai Zi Ren and Wu Wei Zi with the addition of Shi Chang Pu for forgetfulness.

Topically, Hu Po is used to reduce swelling and promote healing. The
essential oil of Hu Po along with those of RuXiang and Mo Yao
may be considered as an ointment or paste to reduce swelling,
generate flesh, and relieve pain for non healing sores, ulcerations,
carbuncles and traumatic injuries.

For menstrual pain, a blend of Hu Po with Dang Gui, Chuan Xiong and
Xiang Fu essential oils may be helpful, and in case of pain with palpable
fixed masses, Hu Po with E Zhu. These could be applied to
channel points and as a compress over the affected area.

TCM Category: Substances that calm the spirit.

Channels Entered: Heart, Liver, Urinary Bladder

Note: base

Major chemical constituents: Terpenes: Alpha pinene, camphene, Beta pinene, Delta 3 caren

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