Jin Yin Hua (Lonicerae flos/Lonicera japonica)


Jin Yin Hua (Lonicerae flos/Lonicera japonica)

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CO2 extracted Lonicerae flos - 5ml
Gold Silver Flower, honeysuckle flower

One whiff of the unique, intensely sweet floral aroma of our steam distilled Honey Suckle Flower essential oil brings on a feeling of giddy innocence. The fragrance rekindles a childlike awe as if discovering the world anew with a clean slate. There is a sense of renewal, “cleaning house,” a change of perspective, an opening to possibilities.

On the tongue, a drop of this essential oil is slightly numbing, spicy, bitter and sweet. It reaches deep to the core and disperses out to the exterior to detoxify and nourish at the same time.

Jin Yin Hua means “Gold Silver Flower” and illustrates that the flowers are both tonifying (gold) and clearing (silver). The buds are silver (preferred medicinally) turning gold when the blooms fully open after a few days. Loncera japonica is an extremely vigorous vine. The Chinese name of the whole plant, Ren Dong, meaning “winter resisting,” refers to the fact that it is a perennial and resistant to cold. Best quality grows in Henan and Shandong provence.

Jin Yin Hua essential oil is a sweet and soothing yet powerful aid to clear heat and clean toxicity. It is broadly anti-inflammatory and anti-pathogenic, applicable to infections of the throat, digestive tract and skin. Its action is to draw toxins out of the body.

In Chinese medicine, this herb is famous for treatment of colds, flus and respiratory infections where there is fever, sore throat and irritability. As an essential oil blend for this purpose practitioners may find it useful to combine Jin Yin Hua with Ju Hua (Flos chysanthemi), Jing Jie (Schizonepeta) and Bo He (Peppermint).

In dermatology it is used for skin infections, sores, and accesses. It helps to clear age spots, break up fibrotic tissue and scarring and infections of the throat, digestive tract and skin. For age spots it may be beneficial to combine with Bai Zhi (Angelica Dahurica) and Rose or Jasmine diluted in a Pomegranate seed oil base.

For Digestion, Jin Yin Hua has pre-biotic activity (supports microbial flora in the gut) and is useful to resolve intestinal infections and dysentery.

This essential oil may be considered in Yang Qiao Mai treatment.

In spiritual practice and as an aid to meditation, Honey Suckle’s pure, heavenly aroma shifts the consciousness, providing an opening to the spirit.

Note: Middle

TCM category: Clear Heat and Eliminate Toxin

Channels entered: Lung, Stomach, Large intestine

Major chemical components: terpines, sesquiterpenes, linalool, geraniol, aromadendrene, eugenol

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