Lian Qiao (Forsythiae Fructus)


Lian Qiao (Forsythiae Fructus)

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Steam distilled Lian Qiao - 5ml
Forsythiae Fructus, Forsythia Fruit)

Our Lian Qiao essential oil is locally sourced and distilled in Shanxi Provence where the Forsythia grows naturally and abundantly in the mountains. Its aroma has a fresh, herbaceous quality with menthol-like top notes and sharp bitter undertones. It’s effect is cleansing, at first going to the throat, dispersing outward from the chest then cooling and descending.

The forsythia fruit’s round, pointed, shape and hollow inside with chambers that are reminiscent of the Heart illustrates its affinity with the Heart and Pericardium and its effect of clearing heat from the upper burner and draining Heart fire. It is the whole fruit along with the seeds within the fruit’s shell that yield this powerful essential oil.

In traditional Chinese medicine Lian Qiao is most commonly used to treat exterior wind-heat and to eliminate toxins.

For the beginning stage with fever and exterior wind heat illnesses with fever, sore throat, headache and irritability combine Lian Qiao essential oil with Jin Yin Hua (Lonicera), Ju Hua (Chrysanthemum) and Jing Jie (Schizonepeta) oils. With higher fever where heat has entered the Pericardium channel use Zhi Zi (Gardenia Fructus) essential oil in place of Jing Jie.

Lian Qiao is also traditionally used to eliminate interior heat and toxin including that expressing as abscesses and other skin sores or lesions. For this purpose, its essential oil along with Ye Ju Hua (Wild Chrysanthemum) and Jin Yin Hua (Lonicera) may be diluted and applied topically.

Note: Upper - Middle

TCM Category: Clearing Heat and Eliminating Toxins

Channels Entered: Lung, Heart, Gallbladder

Major chemical components: Monoterpenes: pinene, thujene, camphene, sabinene. Monoterpenic ether: cineole. Monoterpenic alcohol: terpenin-4-ol.

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