Ru Xiang - Steam Distilled (Olibanum, Boswellia carterii)


Ru Xiang - Steam Distilled (Olibanum, Boswellia carterii)

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Steam distilled Somali Olibanum, Boswellia carterii, Frankincense - 5ml
"Fragrant Breast, Fragrant Milk"

The heavenly aroma of our Steam distilled, Somali Frankincense essential oil has a bright, heady, balsamic sweetness with a light, sharp, floral spice. The consistency and color are thin and light.

This exquisite, Frankincense essential oil starts with wildcrafted, specifically sourced, fair trade and sustainably harvested oleo gum resin from Boswellia carterii trees growing in the Puntland region of northeast Somalia, East Africa. The resin is then hydro-distilled in small batches at an artisan distillery in the US. The importer was once a member of the tribes that harvested wild grown Frankincense resins in Puntland before moving to the US.

There are several species and varieties of Frankincense trees each producing a slightly different type of resin and essential oil. Differences in soil and climate create even more diversity of the resin, even within the same species.

The Frankincense resin is tapped from the Boswellia trees by slashing the bark (which is called striping) and allowing the resin to bleed out and harden. The resin then forms what is referred to as “tears”. The tears are the blood of the Frankincense tree. The ancients refer to these tears as crystallized drops of sunlight.

Frankincense trees grow in regions of the world that are extremely dry and experience intense sunlight. Considered a sacred substance among many ancient and modern cultures, frankincense is a representation of light in an energetic sense. The diffused essential oil may be used as an alternative to the traditional burning of the resin (“smudging”) in sacred ceremonies and meditation for its protective, purifying, and grounding effects.

Ru Xiang’s powerful abilities to invigorate the blood, relax the sinews, smooth the movement of blood and Qi and ease pain extend beyond the physical to calm the emotions and lift the spirit.  

Ru Xiang essential oil is healing for the skin. It promotes the regeneration of healthy cells and maintains the health of existing cells and tissues. As such It is beneficial for wound healing, scarring, boils and acne as well as to assist stretch marks to fade. It is naturally antiseptic.

Note: base

TCM Category: regulating blood

Channels entered: Heart, Liver, Spleen

Major chemical components: Monoterpenes (pinene, dipentene~40% from Yuen Materia Medica), D- camphene 80% (from Guangzhou extractor analysis).

**Compare our two Ru Xiang - Boswellia Carterii essential oils: Although their medicinal properties are similar and both have the traditional rich balsamic-sweet aroma of Frankincense resin, there are notable differences. The steam-distilled Somali Frankincense is brighter and more heady with a sharp, floral spice, and its consistency is thinner and lighter. Our CO2 extracted Egyptian Frankincense is richer, sweeter and deeper with a thick consistency and deep amber color.

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