Shi Chang Pu
(Acori tatarinowii Rhizoma)


Shi Chang Pu
(Acori tatarinowii Rhizoma)

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CO2 extracted Acori tatarinowii Rhizoma, Acorus, Grass-leaf sweet-flag
“Stone flourishing reed”

Shi Chang Pu’s aroma is bright and sharp with a clean, bitter lemon-
like scent. It’s effect rises into the brain bringing a heady expansion
which sharpens and focuses the mind and the senses. This essential
oil os produced by CO2 extraction.

According to Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing (Divine Framer’s Materia Medica) Shi Chang Pu is classified as a “superior grade” herb. The text says, “It mainly treats cold damp impediment and cough and counterflow qi ascent. It opens the heart portals, supplements the five viscera, frees the nine orifices, brightens the eyes and sharpens the hearing. Protracted taking may make the body light, improve memory, prevent confusion, and prolong life. It’s other name is Chang Yang (flourishing Yang).”

It’s main actions in more modern times, to open the sensory orifices, revive consciousness, pacify the spirit and harmonize the Middle Jiao are attributed to its ability to vaporize phlegm, transform dampness and remove turbidity.

Shi Chang Pu is said to improve sensory and cognitive functions to
treat forgetfulness, tinnitus, deafness, dizziness and dulled sensorium
as well as seizures, stupor, muted consciousness, aphasia and
delirium. Diffusing and inhaling is the method recommended for this
purpose as aroma affects the brain and spirit very directly and internal
ingestion of Acorus essential oil with it’s *asarone component is
controversial. See below). For emergency situations, direct application
of Shi Chang Pu to jing well points might also prove helpful.
To benefit the eyes for ulcerations of the cornea, essential oils of Shi
Chang Pu, Ju Hua (Chrysantemi flos), and Hu po (Amber) have been
recommended, diluted and applied to appropriate acupuncture points.

TCM Category: Opening orifices

Channels entered: Heart, Stomach

Note: Base

Major Chemical Components: β-Asarone 63.2%~81.2%; α-Asarone
3.4%~13.7%; Caryophyllene; α-Humulene; Sekishone; Asarylaldehyde;
Elemicine; Euasarone; 1-Allyl- 2,4,5-trimethoxybenzene; Methyleugenol;
cis-Methylisoeugenol; trans-Methylisoeugenol.

*NOTE - Asarone is controversial. Although it accounts for much of this
herb’s, mental and neurological benefits it is also thought to have
carcinogenic properties when taken internally in large, sustained doses. It
should only be ingested for emergency situations if absolutely
necessary and only for a short time.

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