Phiona Gitsham, Dr of Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture in Australia
Founder of Bio HerboloQi (

"...the other day I made a warm cinnamon drink with honey and 1 drop of Bai zhi oil. I’m not looking at it for internal use for products, but wanted to clear up my head while feeling foggy. I would have used raw Bai Zhi but didn’t have any, then I thought of the oil. I had immediate relief and my eyelids lifted - they were quite puffy. Then I had to blow my nose a few times and boom, clear headed."

Jonathan Gimbel, DOM

Thank you Evelyn - also, I enjoyed the class at Golden Flower on June 30th. I find it very easy to integrate the information into my practice. Especially find chai hu effective for hormone regulation for women.

Peggy Finston MD

Last week, I saw a 57 year old man, quite overweight.  He had been depressed since 17.  In the past 6 years his mood has taken a dive, likely because everything goes slower and lower as one ages. Stagnation and the ravages of gravity.  (I am 71 myself.)  He had no benefit from ketamine infusion, trans-cranial stimulation and other medicines. He was crying and unconsolable in the office.

He had a cold Dai Mai.  Iput on the ion cords then applied your Xiang Fu on liver and spleen points on the LE and Liv and Sp Mu points and he stopped crying in less than a minute, his face went from beet red to flesh color in less than 5 minutes.  It was Magic.

Therese Balagna

"Thank you so much for bringing the oils into the class. It brings so much depth to our studies. Coming out for a break and being able to smell those treasures is so nourishing to the soul."

Hank Friedman

"Thank you so much! Your oils are truly exceptional in quality and effect. I am very grateful for your service and so impressed by the very high-quality,  diversity and uniqueness of all of your offerings."

Frederick E Steinway, L.Ac

"Nothing like one drop Alchemica Botanica Hu Lu Ba essential oil in the bone broth, to warm the life-gate on a snowy winter day."

A Response from Charis Wolf, practitioner

I am an avid user of essential oils personally and professionally. The focus of my practice is treating precancerous conditions, fibroids, cysts and giving patients support during cancer and recovery. I am so incredibly please at the amazing effect that incorporating these oils into my practice has had. 

One specific example is a patient that I had with fibroid that grew large enough to block her cervix and she did not have a period for over two years. The blood was simply pooling inside her uterus and being reabsorbed, which her doctor was worried could turn into endometriosis and then possibly cancerous. While Chinese Medicine has proven effective in the past to shrink fibroids with my patients, this was a case I was unsure of treating. The patient could not come as regularly as I would have liked, so treatments were usually closer to two weeks apart. I was expecting a minimum of 3 months before seeing a sign of her cycle coming back with doing herbs, acupuncture and moxa. Since this patient was not able to come regularly I decided more would be necessary and got the idea of using castor oil with the dang gui, xiang fu and churn xiong alchemical botanical oils on her lower abdomen with a heat lamp during the treatments. 

I kid you not she got a full period in a month and a half. Amazing! Both of us were over joyed. Thank you Evelyn for making these oils.

A Response from a Patient

Here's a comment from one of my patients who was instructed to use the Wu Wei Zi on Ren 17, HT 8 or 6 and KI 1 or 7. She has also been using the Chuan Xiong for her headaches on GB 20 and where ever it hurts. —Evelyn Robert, L.Ac.

"My experience with the aroma therapy has been very favorable. I have been using the Wu Wei Zi for my night sweats and I believe it has helped to reduce the amount I sweat at night. Due to reduced night sweats I am sleeping much better. Without the aroma therapy I typically wake 3-4 times at night and with the Wu Wei Zi I only wake one time and I am able to get back to sleep quickly.

"The Chuan Xiong has really helped my headaches. I now carry it in my handbag because I'm convinced if I use this the minute I feel a headache starting it prevents the headache from intensifying and often completely alleviates the headache.

"So far my experience with the aroma therapy is enhancing my well being and I plan to continue using both ointments."

—Jen Z.

A Response from Diane Gioioso, M.Ac, L.Ac

"I think that the quality and standards of the oils she is bringing from China are the highest and ground breaking for those of us who are using the paradigm of Chinese medicine.  It is very exciting to have access to the essential oils of Chinese herbs and to be able to understand them within the context of the medicine and as distinct substances from the plants as herbs."

-Diane Gioioso, M.AC, L.Ac, DIPL.AC (NCCAOM)

A Response from Bill Wright, L.Ac

"Here are the results of my, "organolyptic" testing of the Ling Zhi Spore oil:

"A little background first. I've been through a period of heightened stress over the past few years due to several factors and big changes in my life. One of the results has been Insomnia for approximately 1.5 years (able to fall asleep, but waking up with some difficulty going back to sleep, feeling stressed and anxious, and/or mentally spinning to handle all that is perceived by my mind to handle).

"As Jeffrey Yuen was discussing decline of Kidney Yang he mentioned a cardinal symptom of cold feet, stating that with insomnia the Wei Qi doesn't make it all the way back down and in to the root (kidneys). I was noticing that morning of his lecture that my feet were a little cold. It made sense to me that my Kidney Yang was not being nurtured by sleep for a long period of time leading up to the symptom of cold feet.

"The first thing I noticed after the small spoonful of your Ling Zhi Oil (LZO) was a warming sensation in my low back (Ming Men), and a sensation at Jing Ming UB1, feeling more energized, and my feet warming up. That was really nice.

"I thought it might be a fluke, so I tried the oil two more times to really see if I could feel anything else. First of all, it seems important to point out that I did in fact feel an impact energetically each time I sampled the LZO, which tells me that it is high quality, and potent.

"The second trial lead to feeling more alert and energized again, with a feeling of more energy and expansion in my chest (Lung Qi tonification I assume), also a warming again of my feet, and a feeling of greater warmth and energy all over my body.

"My third trial lead to feeling lighter and more energized all over, and again an expansion of my chest. I also noticed more mental alertness.

"Thanks so much for the opportunity to try the LZO. It felt gently but powerfully supportive to my energy and circulation overall, without being too pushy, or agitating."
—Bill Wright, L.Ac., DNBAO

A Response from Amy Fleetman, Phd., L.Ac. 

I've used the Bai Zi Ren for 3 patients to date with anxiety and/or sleep disorders. I applied the oil bilaterally at Pericardium 6 and then lightly needled the point. I also placed a drop at Du 20.

There's a clear "bitter" smell to the oil that I've never noticed in the herb and I think that's why its so helpful to "anchoring" downward the yang. I've purchased two bottles for home use for 2 of the 3 patients.

BTW, I also used Jiang Xiang recently with impressive results on a patient who has significant pain and numbness in his feet following chemotherapy and an ankle fracture. I layered it in with two other oils I've been using for him (from a different company) and it really made a distinct difference in his pain and numbness.

Good going on the oils and please keep expanding the line!