ALCHEMICA BOTNICA recommends Jeffrey Yuen’s method for blending and diluting essential oils. 

A blend is a combination of essential oils and carrier oil which satisfies your treatment principle, or goal, similar to creating a customized herbal prescription. The percentage of each ingredient reflects the degree of emphasis you wish for each oil in your formula. On average, essential oil blends might include 2 to 5 individual oils.

Essential oils and blends are diluted in a carrier oil as a 1% to 6% dilution, on average, depending on age and sensitivity. In some cases, for a short time, a stronger dilution may be useful but ALWAYS test a small area for sensitivity first.  In one ounce of carrier oil, an estimate is:

  • a 1% dilution is 10 to 12 drops of essential oil

  • a 2% dilution is 20 to 24 drops

  • a 3% dilution is 30 to 36 drops

  • a 4% dilution is 40 to 48 drops

  • a 5% dilution is 50 to 60 drops

  • a 6% dilution is 60 to 72 drops

Carrier oils are vegetable oils which are mild and gentle and often beneficial for the skin. Carrier oils are chosen according to their properties to fit the intention of the blend. Very briefly, for example:

  • Olive oil nourishes blood

  • Safflower oil vitalizes the blood

  • Almond oil benefits the Lungs and skin

  • Pomegranate Seed oil nourishes Yin and benefits the shin

  • Sesame and Walnut oil (un-toasted) benefit the Kidneys

  • Caulophyllum is anti-fibrotic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, skin regenerative

  • Black Cumin Seed oil Cumin is anti spasmodic and relaxing, and is a digestive aid.


Our Chinese medicine essential oils, like other essential oils, are mainly used as aroma therapy and diluted for external application on acupuncture points, channels and areas of the body. Some essential oils are safe for internal ingestion in very small doses. They are a very concentrated form of the essence of plants and each one should be considered carefully before ingesting.

That being said, there is the practice of "medical aromatherapy" where essential oils are taken internally. Ideally, they should be diluted in an emulsifying agent (honey, alcohol, a food grade nutritional oil, etc)  to be absorbable and safe. In my experience, the oils usually work pretty fast and would not need to be taken over an extended period of time. Usual adult dosage for ingestion of a diluted essential oil or blend is 1 to 3 drops once or twice per day.  

Since since the Chinese herbs from which our oils are produced are traditionally meant to be taken internally, usually in decoction, by and large they are considered edible substances in their original form.

It is always best to get the advice of an experienced healthcare practitioner or aromatherapist who can prescribe what is appropriate for your particular needs. 


I have GCMS reports for many of the oils and COA's for most of them. The factories that I deal with are modern, technologically excellent and regulated except for a couple that are small, family owned distilleries that produce only one or two specialty oils from locally grown herbs.

I personally visit every essential oil factory that I buy from. Establishing trusting relationships with dedicated, honest, reliable people is the best assurance of quality and authenticity in my opinion.

I originally started the Alchemica Botanica Chinese Medicine Essential Oils line as a service to doctors and healthcare practitioners and I am dedicated to providing a high quality product. I am a Chinese Medicine Practitioner myself (Acupuncturist and Herbalist) in private practice for almost 35 years. I also owned and ran a Chinese pharmacy, Spring Wind Dispensary, for 10 years. I know the herbs well and am confident in my ability to judge by aroma if a Chinese medicine essential oil is authentic and natural. I can also identify most Chinese medicine herbs by sight and know what good quality raw material should look like. If I am at all unsure, I don't purchase it.


Organic Chinese herbs are not easy to find, although there are some and their number is growing. I was recently contacted by an herb supplier in China offering quite a number of certified organic Chinese herbs. I am looking into the possibility that one the essential oil factories that I buy from would be interested in making essential oils with some of these organic herbs. 

In the meantime, I don't worry about using non-organic essential oils. After extraction, especially by CO2, tested oils rarely show even a trace of pesticide or heavy metal residue. Additionally, for the most part, we are using them externally in very small quantities on acupuncture points or areas of the skin. For internal ingestion, when it is appropriate, a single dose is only one or two drops of oil. 


We have a professional/practitioners only discount on 15ml size bottles at 15% off. Just click the "size" button on our product pages for the prices of the discounted 15ml bottles.

For practitioner discounts, please send an email to with your title and license # before placing your first order on the site. We will be offering the option to set up an practitioner customer account in the near future.

Our nutritional oils—Organic Ling Zhi (Ganoderma) spore oil and Pomegranate seed oil—have both a retail price and a practitioner discount price. If you are a professional and you are interested in these please send us a message via the contact page.

Some further discount options are as follows:

  • 250 ml up to 1 kilo is considered "bulk" and pricing is done on a different scale depending on the item.

  • 10 or more 5ml bottles of the same oil receive a 5% discount

  • 30 5ml bottles receives a 10% discount

If you are interested in larger quantities, please feel welcome to write to me with your requirements.


To learn more about the use of essential oils in the context of Chinese Medicine, Alchemica Botanica recommends : Jeffrey Yuen ( and Josephine Spilka (