Therapeutic action blends based on the principles of Chinese medicine and formulated with essential oils made from traditional Chinese herbs. These blends are designed for use as aromatherapy via direct inhalation, in an essential oil diffuser, and/or by topical application on acupuncture points, on channels, and on affected areas of the body.

For information about internal ingestion of essential oils, please refer to our FAQ page.

BUNDLES include 5ml bottles of each essential oil in the blend to be combined and diluted according to the practitioner’s discretion. There are 100 drops in a 5ml bottle. Bundles do not include carrier oils.

BLENDS are 6% dilutions in 1oz bottles with droppers. 1%, 2%, or 4% dilutions for those with sensitive skin are available by request. 1% should be used for children up to 7/8 years old. Email us for customized blends.

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